Become an Angel


What does it mean to be a Student Angel?

  • It means having a chance to gain privileged access to the companies attending the Night.

  • Your task: welcome the company at their presentation in Microsoft teams and be the main contact person for "your" host.

  • Note: This responsibility will not stop you from attending the different presentations in Microsoft Teams in the time slots your company is not presenting!

A Student Angel is expected to:


  • Find out all there is to know about the event's programme and participants.
  • Get ready for the event by collecting relevant information on "your" company, and check if there might be opportunities fitting your profile.
  • Attend the Info meeting on November 9, in Microsoft Teams, with our USI Careers and IT Service.
  • Run tests the presentation in Microsoft teams with your company's representatives if necessary, in the week of November 9-13.
  • Join the LinkedIn event group 
  • Take some screenshots of your first meeting in Microsoft teams with your company and send them to by the evening of November 13 so to publish some pictures/do a collage on the Official Facebook Page the week of the event.
  • Be proactive, get your colleagues involved in “your” company’s presentation.

During the event:

  • Check in with our IT service on behalf of "your" company on any practical matters arising.
  • Take some screenshot of your company in Microsoft teams
  • Take part in the event’s presentations; you don’t have to stay with your company once their presentations is finished.


  • Send some screenshots of the event to, to create a photo gallery with all the pictures taken by Student Angels. We’ll then share them on the official USI channels.


  • Let us know for which company/ies you would like to be a Student Angel.
  • We will send you confirmation with the name of the company you have been assigned to.
  • We will get you in touch with the company representatives, so that you can arrange a first meeting in Microsoft teams.

See here the list of the Students Angels for the LNoC - Part I, next November, 19.




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